Silvana Mama

The boys from Under Culture were at it again on Wednesday night, April 29.  Playing a rousing set of music before a crowded house at the trendy Silvana lounge in Harlem.  Although the show was a late starter- 11:00 pm, Under Culture revved up the Silvana patrons with their loud brand of rowdy hard rock music until there was dancing and hand-slapping on the main floor.  

The show almost had a later start than the already late start-time, as one of the band members (don't worry I won't reveal who, Oren) got stuck in a New York City traffic jam.  No worries, as the Under Culture guys graciously allowed the band playing before it a "second encore". 

April 29th was a special night for mothers. Mike Turk's mom sat in the front row, and was beaming at her son's lead vocals.  The highlight of the show coming when Mike left the stage and serenaded his mom to Under Culture's warm love song "I Get The Feeling" while Ryan Metosky's melodic keys and Andres Marin's half-time beats helped to set the mood. It was a special night for Jon Popin too, as April 29 is his mother's birth date.  Although she is not with us anymore, Jon was sure she was smiling down as he played his heartfelt solo for her.  Much of the front of the house was populated by Mike's colleagues (from that day job he has).  These cats were wild and fantastic, giving the band cheers, whistles and foot stamps which fueled the energy from the stage.  Enough so that Jon made a promise at one point that the band would make it their business to rock the person sitting in the very farthest seat at the back of the room.  

From the reaction after the show, it appears that Jon's promise held up,as congratulations came to all the band members and it was even conveyed that the owner of Silvana was impressed.  In fact, Under Culture was invited to play the revered NYC night club Shrine, said to be owned by parties related to Silvana ownership, several days later.   We will see you on June 8th at Shrine.

Thanks Mike's friends!