Parkside Lounge - The Return

Parkside Lounge was crackling with anticipation as Under Culture made its triumphant return, not only to the venue, but also to live performance generally.  Away from the stage for eight months, Under Culture was rabid to give its fans what they wanted.  Everyone had to wait a little bit longer, as Under Culture somehow got booked to play at the same time as another band from Boston.  Because the other lads had to catch a 10:30 pm bus back home, Under Culture graciously let the Boston band go first for an abbreviated set before taking the stage.  No worries Parkside, we love you!   

The house was packed when the band came on.  With fury, Under Culture unleashed a 10 song set that rocked everyone in the house.  Hoots and hollers came as lead vocalist Mike Turk belted out opening number, Hard Time Letting Go, as if eight months of waiting was saved up in his belly.  Lead Guitarist Jon Popin bobbed and danced all night, his long locks bouncing up and down.  The band introduced new song Stuck in a Box, sung by Jon, which was received with a loud cheer.  Drummer Andres Marin, Guitarist Ryan Metosky and bass player Junio Rodrigues smashed and gnashed to Under Culture staple Into the Water with a crazed focus.  Wow!

The band had been away from live performance not because it was taking a break, but quite the opposite.  Under Culture had taken the time to record its first single, shoot its first music video and to give time to new kick ass bass player Junio Rodrigues so that he could get up to speed.  Way to go Junio!

With the show a big success, Under Culture awaits the release of its single and video, as well as its next show on July 23 at Leftfield on Ludlow.  Rock on!