Under Culture Raises the Roof at the Delancey

Under Culture had been away from the stage since its July show, which caused the combustible material within the boy's chemistry to be furiously reactive.  The delayed start time of almost 8:30 pm caused further bubbling of the Under Culture brew, such that when Under Culture finally took the stage, the explosion of sound and fury reverberated within the Delancey's red-hued basement.  With the confidence of a true-believer, Jon Popin interrupted the initial guitar driven enthusiasm that opens most Under Culture sets by imploring the Under Culture faithful to move to the front of the stage, away from the bar at the rear. 

Thereafter, Under Culture went into a rousing set that made those who moved nearer the stage, happy they did.  The boys shook up the set list, as if each song landed somewhere unusual as a result of the explosion that had been building since July.  The boys re-introduced fan favorite You Should Know into the set after an almost year absence, and the Under Culture fans became frenetic during the song's high-impact crescendo.  While the whole band was on high, drummer Andres Marin seemed to be particularly enjoying the night, keeping time with a two-fisted attack, as close family were present in the audience.  Near the end of the set, Jon introduced Lawrence Kochoa, the actor who played the leading part in Under Culture's video of their song Hard Time Letting Go.  It was stated that the video would be released later this year.  Stay tuned.  After the show, the party continued on the Delancey's beautiful roof-top terrace, as Under Culture reserved tables for its faithful following. 

Drinking, dancing and picture taking ensued late into the party-driven evening.  When looking down through the haze of the New York City night, it appeared that mysterious fissures had opened up on the Delancey's rooftop, causing many in attendance on the terrace to echo what the band knew from the start, that the Under Culture explosion raised the roof at the Delancey that night.