Under Culture releases "Hard Time Letting Go" on Night of Desmond's Tavern Blowout Show

The anticipation could be felt in every corner of the packed, routy back room at Desmond's Tavern as Under Culture prepared to begin their set.  There had been hints on their Facebook page for weeks, followed by an announcement that Under Culture would release their first single, "Hard Time Letting Go" on the night of December 2, 2016.  This was the same night that Under Culture would play Desmond's Tavern for the first time.  As a result, there was an extra level of excitement buzzing through the air before showtime.  There is nothing better than a release party show, and Under Culture did not disappoint.  Guitarist Jon Popin stepped up to the mic during the band's opening musical blastoff and announced with great passion the news everyone was waiting for.  Tonight, Jon said, would be a special night as Under Culture was releasing its first single.  With their fans interest elevated, Under Culture then launched into opening number Little Tennessee.  

Lead vocalist Mike Turk took control of the evening and never looked back.  He performed like never before, lifting everyone in the room, including the band, into 5th gear.  During "Into the Water", Andres Marin's pounding of the skins almost caused the stage to explode, while the deep bellowing coming from Junio Rodriguez's bass thumped joy into everyone's chest.  During Jon Popin's lone vocal number "Stuck in a Box", guitarist/keyboardist Ryan Metosky dropped a deep, stirring southern-inspired riff that caused everyone in the room to boogie down.  New, attractive Under Culture merchandise was on display as well, attracting fans to the merch table after the show.  However, nothing compared to what was to come near the end of the evening.  The room had quieted and with everyone waiting, Jon stepped up to the microphone.  With passion and focus, he announced that the next song up would be "Hard Time Letting Go".  He thanked everyone for coming to the show, explained the long process involved in getting the single released, and then demanded that everyone get very VERY LOUD.  

The band then blasted off into the most electric, enthusiastic, out-of control version of Hard Time Letting Go it had ever performed. Mike spun and danced and heaved with every ounce of energy he had and the band played feverishly.  The song ended with loud, fantastic cheers, whoops and applause!  "Hard Time Letting Go" was released on all major platforms just shy of midnight that evening, and the release party show was one for the ages. Next up- the "Hard Time Letting Go" music video!