Into the Water Music Video Release at Bowery Electric, and John…Charles…Raffa!


The people started arriving, slowly entering through the wide wooden doorway into the Map Room at the Bowery Electric on Tuesday night. This was followed by a steady flow of anticipatory fans.  The band was already on stage, preparing their instruments, plugging in and getting ready to perform.  However, one space on the stage was empty.  It was the area directly behind the microphone. 


Finally, a hush fell over the Map Room as Jon Popin introduced the first-ever viewing of the music video for Under Culture’s latest single, Into the Water. When he finished, in an instant, the large, lit screen on the Map Room wall blew up with images of the band behind a booming audio of the single.  The music video showed the boys in a dark, creepy rubble basement, playing emphatically with raw power. 


Cheers rose at the conclusion of the well-received video.  Then, Under Culture again took the stage, with the area directly behind the microphone still empty.  At once, Jon began to furiously strum distorted sounds from his guitar, while Andres Marin pounded the skins of his drums and Wendell Ypil ran off white hot licks on his 6 string.  All of a sudden, John Charles Raffa lept onto the stage, and with that, the space  behind the microphone was filled with the dynamic form of Under Culture’s new lead singer. 


The show was a blast, as the boys supported their new mate while the band raged through a powerful set which even included a tribute to the late, great Tom Petty.  A new era for the Under Culture band began on the same night that they released their music video.  What an exciting evening!