Into the Water is Released and Mike Steps Away


It was a bittersweet night at the Delancey on Thursday as the emotions tore in different directions from the start.  The boys were once again greeted by a fantastic response from their fans as they took the stage.  Some were cheering because Under Culture was releasing its next single, Into the Water, while others cheered Mike  Turk, whose last show with Under Culture was the same night.


After weeks of hard work in the studio, Into the Water was finally ready for release on all major music platforms.  It was a sonic success, as the Under Culture boys along with their talented sound engineer, Daniel Alba created a powerful blast of heavy rock.  At the same time, after 3 years in the band as its lead singer, Mike Turk decided to move on. 


The mixed emotions created an electric atmosphere, as if the atoms in the room were at odds.  In the end, the music and the band burst through, with the music carrying the day.  Mike was on top of his game, singing his heart out, while Jon nimbly shot out 16th note runs on fire.  Under Culture drummer and producer Andres Marin left no doubt that the music was most important as he blasted rhythms with his gifted sticks.  Wendell Ypil was magical on guitar and keyboard all night, while Junio Rodrigues kept the thump going with a steadiness that was focused and alive. 

Jon gave an emotional tribute to Mike near the end of the set, followed by Mike’s touching farewell speech.  Into the Water had  a successful release party show and the guys ended the set with a rousing, burning version of the single.  What a night. 


Best of luck Mike! We love you brother!