Video Release Party at Smash Studios

Crack! With the sound of drum sticks smacking together, Under Culture was performing on stage at Smash Studio in Midtown Manhattan.  All the hub bub revolved around the celebration of the release of the music video for their single, Hard Time Letting Go and the band was fueled with heavy, positive, wild vibes.  The showcase studio at Smash bent to the sonic explosion that Under Culture was putting out.  The band ran through an abbreviated set of seven songs, with Jon Popin giving shout-outs and thank you's to the packed house.  During their song Let Love In, Jon introduced Wendell Ypil, the newest member to the Under Culture tribe.  Wendell, a recent transplant to NYC from the Phillipines, made a huge statement that night, pounding out sounds through a Marshall Stack.  Mike Turk busted out an energetic and enthused version of Hard Time Letting Go, while the rest of the band danced and played  feverishly.  Andres Marin and Junio Rodrigues played wickedly, keeping the band's rhythm deeply rooted in the pocket.  

Earlier in the evening, after much anticipation, the music video of the single was presented on a large screen on stage.  While the audio experienced some technical difficulty, the crowd of fans nevertheless seemed totally amused.  Tyrone Holguin (aka Tyrone), a talented rap artist in NYC, and the band's manager for the first three years of it's existence, opened the evening with a focused, humorous introduction of the band and then ripped into a set of his new material.  Rap and Rock n Roll worked splendidly together, as the Under Culture fans took to Tyrone immediately, giving him rousing applause at each turn.  

Food and drink was served and the event was recorded live by DJ Stuart Robbins for a future airing on Homegrown, a popular rock music internet station.  The night was a smashing success made possible by all the friends, family and fans that showed up that evening.  Hail Under Culture!